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The goal to having a website is to have your website properly presented. Whether it’s sharing pictures and videos, making money online, or keeping up to date with family and friends. It would be literally impossible to increase sales or visitors if nobody even knows your organization or company even exists. The only way to keep your visitors from leaving your site almost immediately is to have a good, effective design. At NYC websites 123, we offer several design and programming packages to help you get your website up and running with affordable web design prices and website design quotes to businesses of all kinds.

Websites can be built in a variety of ways. One way is to use a language known as HTML (HyperText Markup Language). This language is relatively easy to learn and use for basic web pages. Thus, many, many people are capable of using this method of writing a web page or site. The HTML appears to the browser exactly the way it was written by the programmer. After the browser gets the file from the server, it reads the code and displays the page. No ‘thinking’ or decision making is done by the server or the browser.

  • The request is made by the visitor of the website
  • The server locates the file requested
  • Server sends the requested file(s) back to the browser
  • Browser reads the HTML and displays the web page

Basically, whatever the programmer writes gets sent to the viewer’s browser. This makes the construction simple, the programmer needs only know one language, or perhaps two if CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is being used with the HTML. This method is what many designers mean when they use the word “static pages” (or sites). As with every web design, there are benefits and disadvantages of different websites.

Having static websites are easier to build with a low costing value. Static sites are known to get more noticed in Google and other search engine sites. On the other hand, Updating might get a bit expensive. The more pages there are with the same information, the more it is to update. Editing the hard-coding relatively depends on the size of the site. NYC websites 123 provides 24/7 customer representatives ready to assist you with the creation and development of your websites, offering web packages at a low cost. At NYC websites 123 we have NO setup fees, NO monthly fees, and NO hidden charges for all of our web design services. Included in any web site design price quote and packages are all of the components necessary to make your site look good and still have low website design prices.

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