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A dynamic web page is a hypertext document composed to a World Wide Web user presenting content that has been customized for each individual viewing or that continually updates information as the page is displayed to the user. Classical web page design using only HTML or XHTML provides static content, meaning that a composed by different users are always the same. However, a web page can also provide user experience. Depending on certain contexts or conditions, pages can be changed. Using client-side scripting to change interface behaviors within a specific web page,  By adjusting the sequence or reload of the web pages or content supplied to the browser Using server-side scripting to change the supplied page source between pages.

NYC websites 123 offers web packages suitable for your business or organization based upon your own specifications.  All of our web packages are priced on a flat-fee basis meaning they all include hosting, domain name and any other costs that are usually associated with designing and developing a website. With 24/7 customer service representatives awaiting to attend to your specific needs.

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