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In today’s technical society, there has been a substantial rising with technology. Making it easier to add applications,  easy to download files and images, and not to mention file transferring with just a few clicks. NYC websites is a highly professional web designing studio offering a variety of web packages and services for you to choose from. There is not job too big or too small for us. We accept all sorts of web projects. We never turn down a project. Assuring our clients guaranteed satisfaction. With our team expertise available to discuss every step of the way, to a successful website. Whether it is a simple website or a professional website to upload images. A common method for file transferring over the internet is called FTP (File Transfer Protocol). A typical method used for uploading images and videos to a hosting server which allows you to view on the internet.

FTP can be run in active mode or passive mode, which direct how the second connection is opened. In active mode the client (connection made) sends the server the IP address port number the client is to use for the data connection and the server opens the connection. Passive mode is when the client is behind a firewall and unable to accept incoming TCP connections. The server sends the client an IP address and port number and the client opens the connection to the server. At NYC websites, we assure our clients have knowledge of the protocols used in their website. We take the time to discuss the specific requirements needed for their website and input it into scripts and placed on the web to be viewed by potential customers or visitors who just want to view their webpage. To view our client list to see just how please they are. Visit our website at