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After all the thought and ingenuity that goes into creating a website taking care of your website is as important as making one. Search engines needs to see that your website is not being abandoned to keep it indexed properly; Customers visiting your website also want fresh, new content. We have monthly maintenance packages that can provide you with assistance anytime with our 24/7 live assistance for Christmas last day offers / promotions.

Maintaining a website is an on-going process that needs to kept up to date every however so often. Having updated your website is not an easy job. Depending on your own circumstances. Provide regular updates on your site brings more visits and updated information regarding your business. At NYC websites 123, we manually input new information or discounts regularly to assure we are an ongoing business.   Regular respond to emails is another way to improve and maintain your website. Responding to emails lets shows human interaction. Try not to send automated messages. It drives your clients away, and not to mention it’s annoying. It’s always a good idea to insert a signature line – your name, position, your email address and your website address. Almost everyone wants to know where the email they’re reading is coming from.