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A quality Business or Organization needs to website in order to be out there. First thing is the URL of the website. URL is for Uniform Resource Locator and is an address referring to a document on the Internet. In other terms, it is the address of an individual web page aspect or web document on the Internet. The syntax of a URL consists of three elements:

  • The protocol, or the communication language, that the URL uses;
  • The domain name, or the exclusive name that identifies a web site; and
  • The path name of the file to be retrieved, usually an HTML document.

Most new users misguidedly believe a URL is the same as a domain name or home page. Every web document and web graphic image on a web site has its own URL.

For example, the URL for a home page is commonly written as:http://www.nycwebsites123/index.html

The URL for an About Us page is commonly written as:

At NYC Websites 123, we like to provide assurance to our clients when it comes to building their website. Making sure they are comfortable with the name they want for their website, their Domain name and URL name. In addition to any other web service we may provide for them. To view our web packages and more of our web services and any information visit our website at