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Just as there is a significant diversity of programming languages for web designing presented and appropriate for conventional programming tasks. NYC Websites provide quality web services to start a new beginning for your website. From JavaScript to Dynamic HTML.

JavaScript and Ajax-

JavaScript and its corresponding piece Ajax, are an ideal language to make your Web pages more vibrant. When web dealing with JavaScript, along with CSS and HTML 4, is an essential part of Dynamic HTML. Use JavaScript to create dynamic Web pages. JavaScript initially adds functionality to your pages with only a small amount of coding experience or knowledge.

ActiveX- If you want to add ActiveX controls to your site, there are lots of resources to help you. ActiveX is the scripting language from Microsoft. It is used in a similar fashion to JavaScript on Web pages.

Document Object Model (DOM)- The DOM or Document Object Model is the API that binds JavaScript and other scripting languages together with HTML and other markup languages. It is what allows Dynamic HTML (DHTML) to be dynamic and interactive.

Dynamic HTML – DHTML- Dynamic HTML (DHTML) uses JavaScript, CSS, and HTML 4.0 (or XHTML) to create pages that change and react to the readers’ actions. Learn to use DHTML and make your Web pages more exciting.

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