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Web Development in Brooklyn


In the business world, every business of course wants their business to do good and expand. What better way than to have your own website. 98% of the people around the world connect through the World Wide Web. It’s a way to do business. Not to mention, all at the comfort of your own computer. You really don’t need to be a professional to have your own website. NYC Websites 123 is a professional web design studio that dedicates to Web Development in Brooklyn. Originally, NYC Websites 123 is located in Manhattan of New York, Now that NYC Websites 123 had expanded, They decided to add a new location in Brooklyn, NY. New York’s most professional yet affordable Web Development in Brooklyn you could ever want. NYC Websites 123 offers several web packages and web based services to choose from. Photo integration, Domain names,  E-Commerce solutions, Flash Websites, HTML Websites, NYC Websites 123 has team members that are on standby waiting to assist you in any way possible regarding your Web Development in Brooklyn. Feel free to come in person and discuss your specifications down to the very last detail, NYC Websites 123 will assure your web development is just as you asked for. So, Call now for more information at 646-833-8085 / 888-409-4420 or visit online at

Web Development in NYC is an important way to bring business owners a way to introduce their company’s name services or products to people not only throughout the tri- state area but all over the world. NYC Websites 123 is a professional web design studio dedicated to Web Development in NYC. NYC Websites 123 offers Web packages suitable for any business. From a simple website to the most of dynamic website there is. NYC Provides professional Web Development in NYC. Speak one on one with a representative regarding your project. Whether you want to add a photo gallery to your website or start a new website from scratch. If you have an online business, NYC Websites 123 offers E-commerce solutions best chosen for your business. Whatever you need, NYC Websites 123 has. NYC Websites 123’s Web Development in NYC is the made of total excellence. Working with you every step of the way to assure state of the art website. Try NYC Websites 123’s Web Development in NYC. Full color websites starting at $279.30. NO MONTHLY FEES, NO SETUP FEES, NO HIDDEN CHARGES, WEBSITE MAINTENANCE INCLUDED!!! Who can beat that? Call now for more information. Call 646-833-8085 / 888-409-4420 or visit online at Feel free to visit NYC Websites 123 in person. Choose from their Manhattan location at 43 W 33 St Suite 202B NY, NY or their NEW location in Brooklyn at 436 4th Ave Brooklyn, NY. NYC Websites 123 had will assure your Web Development in NYC will give your website a more dynamic affect which will attract more visitors to your site.

We all know running a business can be a runaround. One great way to bring your company great clients is through the World Wide Web. NYC Websites 123 is a professional Web Design Studio dedicated to affordable Web Design in the Bronx. Full custom Websites starting at $279.30. No Monthly Fees, No Setup Fees, No Hidden Charges. State of the Art Web Design in the Bronx. Experts waiting on standby to assist you in any way possible. If you have an online store, you can go with NYC Websites 123’s Ecommerce Solutions, Photo Gallery for those individuals who want to share photos with family and friends, Social Networking for those who like to keep connected. NYC Websites 123 offers Web Packages suitable for all sorts. Call now for more information at 646-833-8085 or visit online at Feel free to visit in person and discuss your project with NYC Websites 123’s expert Web design team members.

A quality Business or Organization needs to website in order to be out there. First thing is the URL of the website. URL is for Uniform Resource Locator and is an address referring to a document on the Internet. In other terms, it is the address of an individual web page aspect or web document on the Internet. The syntax of a URL consists of three elements:

  • The protocol, or the communication language, that the URL uses;
  • The domain name, or the exclusive name that identifies a web site; and
  • The path name of the file to be retrieved, usually an HTML document.

Most new users misguidedly believe a URL is the same as a domain name or home page. Every web document and web graphic image on a web site has its own URL.

For example, the URL for a home page is commonly written as:http://www.nycwebsites123/index.html

The URL for an About Us page is commonly written as:

At NYC Websites 123, we like to provide assurance to our clients when it comes to building their website. Making sure they are comfortable with the name they want for their website, their Domain name and URL name. In addition to any other web service we may provide for them. To view our web packages and more of our web services and any information visit our website at

NYC websites 123 is a professional design studio offering a variety of web based services from template integration to basic Website Design. We provide our clients with quality service. To enhance the way your website runs and looks. From the simplest tasks changing information, to starting up a whole new website. Whether it is adding a n application layer such as POP or IMAP, we are here to assist you. NYC websites123 is here to assure your satisfaction. With our 24/7 customer support online. For more information, you can visit our website at

“POP” is pretty simple Post Office Protocol is a language used for websites by local e-mail clients to regain e-mail from a remote server over a TCP/IP connection. POP and IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) are the two most common Internet standard protocols for e-mail recovery. Practically all modern e-mail clients and servers support in cooperation. The POP protocol has been set in varieties, with version 3 (POP3) being the current standard. POP3 is duller, having to undergo more revisions before it is what it is today. Sending mail uses a diverse protocol, SMTP, which stands for effortless Mail relocate Protocol. Another language used between your email program, an SMTP client, and the SMTP server .in general your SMTP server will be the identical as your POP3 server, though that’s not always the case. If so, it doesn’t really entail that the two are related. Like POP3, the SMTP server may involve you to log in first; often with the same account information that the POP3 server used.

when planning your website, it is crucial to give you the owner as much flexibility and your users or visitors the best experience possible. With database driven websites capabilities, It is becoming possible to achieve many things which were impossible before. In recent years database driven websites have increased in popularity due to larger database websites like Myspace, Facebook, Youtube or Flickr.We find that  Many businesses benefit from this type of application integration like real estates to modify multiple listings, photographers to allow certain customers to view images or video. Other database applications include message centers or registration capabilities that require registration to use certain features in the website.

NYC websites 123 provides quality web service. With 24/7 customer service available. There are two considerations when thinking about your data: getting it in and getting it out. One stores data only because one wants to use it again. Using it takes the form of generating reports. Reports can be of many kinds and for many purposes, e.g. a report can be an invoice, a list of clients, a list of reps servicing a certain area or a list of clients with orders totaling so much between two dates. However, significant reports are only possible if the database was appropriately designed. Getting a database right is much more complicated than using a word processor. Many try to do it themselves only to later ask for help. That is why NYC websites 123 is here to assist you with any problems. By that stage they usually have data in their d.i.y. databases that need to be migrated to an appropriately designed database, making the whole exercise so much more costly.